Ode to my hair

I love my hair long, I always have. One of the many reasons is that the longer my hair is the lazier I can be with it. I’m all about buns and up-dos.

Here I am a few Monday’s ago with my standard everyday bun.

Old hair

The back of my bun.  I love how my hair spikes around the bun, I think it’s a fun touch. And I have a fairly nice collection of interesting bun sticks and other holders.  These are very nice twisted sticks in complimentary colors.

Old hair

Just for fun I took pictures with my hair down too.

Old hair

I was in a big hurry because I was headed to the hair saloon.  I had been thinking about doing something with my hair off an on for months now, I just wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. Some days I wanted to go short, some days I wanted to stay long and just get a little trim, some days I wanted to go crazy and add bangs, but I don’t want to commit time to my hair so I usually rule bangs out. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my hair so I just did nothing. The day before these pictures were taken I realized what was making me so unhappy with my hair. When I had my hair pulled back I felt like I was just a giant head with some brown at the edges and that wasn’t exactly a look I liked. Even when my hair was down I didn’t like how the top looked. I have pretty heavy hair and the length just pulls the top flat.  So with no real plan I called up the hair saloon and made an appointment and luckily they could get me in later that same day.

Old hair

I grabbed the tablet to keep Lil entertained and Lil of course and set off to meet the woman whos hand I was putting my prized possession in. I sat down in her chair and said something to the effect ‘I have no idea what I want you to do. I like to do buns so longish is good, but I’m open to short too. I kind of want bangs, but don’t want to have to “do” my hair everyday. Have a go.’  And she did and I love it.

New hair

New hair

New hair

She only cut about 5 inches off and I’m so happy. I can still do some really great buns with it like this. But I don’t totally hate it when it’s down now so that’s a plus.

New hair bun

Messy bun

I am obsessed

Waldo and I have started reading books on our phones and I can’t stop. I am crazy obsessed. Right now I’m reading the Southern Vampire Mysteries, its the books that True Blood is based on and I have read the first 7 in about 2 1/2 weeks. I can barely stop to work and take care of my family. Blogging and everything else is taking a backseat. I’m really sorry for that too, but I can’t help myself. I used to be an avid reader, but reading books has been impossible with Lily around. I always have my phone with me so it’s so convenient to read a page or two here and there.

When we first got our phones I tried reading something on it and gave up pretty quickly, but I think my problem with it wasn’t the size of the screen, it was that I just didn’t care about what I was reading at first.

I think I’m going to have to force myself to take a break after I finish the last 3 books in their series in order to get anything done in my life.
But just for fun, does anyone have any good book suggestions for me? I don’t care much for drama, but I’ll give just about anything else a try.

I am so tired

I want to blog more. I want to read blogs, books, magazines. I want to take more bike rides. I want to do more crafts with Lily. I want to be superwoman. But I’m tired.

I guess it’s what comes of staying up too late and being overweight and not taking naps and having a high needs toddler that has started waking up at 6 am and probably a few other things.

I’m working on all of this. I can’t wait to see how it goes.

Ditching the Poo

Today I washed my hair for the first time with baking soda and rinsed it with white vinegar, that was it, no chemical laden shampoo and conditioner for this girl.  After about 7 hours it’s dry and not nearly as frizzy as normal, it’s also fairly soft.  I’m pretty please with the results overall but it will take some time to see how my hair reacts to it and tweak it to perfection.

I asked Waldo if I smelled like vinegar and he said No.  I asked him if it was soft and he said it had a dry quality about it.  This set off a 10 minute super fun conversation about making homemade hair masks and me deciding to try an avocado mask along with maybe a leave in spray of diluted green tea.

Today was also the fifth time I used oil to clean my face and a green tea ice cube as a toner.  I poured a teaspoons worth of almond oil into my palm and massaged it all over my face for about 1 minute then I took a warm damp washcloth and laid it on my face for 10 to 15 seconds and then wiped the oil off.  I rinsed the washcloth and repeated three or four times.  Then I grabbed a green tea ice cube and ran it all over my face, this is a little lot cold so I don’t let the ice cube sit on my skin in one spot for too long.  I don’t want to do any damage with the ice.  I pat my face to keep the tea from dripping on the floor and then I’m done.  My face is already looking much better and I feel good for doing something for myself.

I have made homemade hair masks (bath fizzies, face masks, bath salts, body splashes, bath cookies, etc) and used the Oil Cleaning Method in the past but for some reason (fell in love and lost track of time) I stopped making and using them, even though I love the result.  I’m on a quest to get back to making these wonderful (sometimes easy to make) masks, salts, etc and taking better care of my body.  I haven’t used baking soda in my hair before but I haven’t been happy with how my hair is reacting to store bought poo lately so I thought I’d give it a try.

Tell me, have you ever made a hair mask or stopped using shampoo?  Do you have any questions or tips for me?

More pantry potions

I stole the term Pantry Potions from C of Random Thought and Musing from the Island, I hope she doesn’t mind.  C let me know if you do and I’ll come up with something else, but it won’t be as good.

People were so interested in baking soda from my last Mama time (pantry potion) post that I thought I’d throw a few more things out there.

I took a bath last night and figured I’d try to do something nice for my skin while I was shaving so I dumped about a cup of baking soda into the warm water. It’s such a small thing but really makes me feel nice and soft when I get out. If I had any of my essential oils handy I would have added a few drops of lavender for relaxation.

Before I took my bath I sprinkled baking soda all over the tub and got my sponge wet and scrubbed. It worked really well to clean my tub. I am going to see how it handles the sink tomorrow. I’m on the look out for good working safe non-toxic cleaners and so far haven’t liked the one I see more often; vinegar in a spray bottle with some water.

If your hair is a little greasy but you don’t have time to wash it right away you can sprinkle a little baking soda in it and then shake it out and brush it well and you should be good to go. the baking soda will absorb the grease. It’s a really good cheap alternative to expensive dry shampoos. I’ve used this a few times when I had extremely long hair and it worked pretty well. As I have darker hair I had to make sure I got it all out so I shook it and then toweled it off too.

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