Lily special quilt

Lily's special quilt

We hung Lily’s special quilt in our living room next to our front door. While this is not the usual place to put a baby quilt we thought the quilt was too wonderful to be hidden away in a room that no one spends time in or a closet.

To see the squares in more detail you can check out each individual posts

Poems on the back

Splish Splash

Little Girl

Happy Happy Hippo

We Love You Beary Much

Our Heart

Little Boy Blue

You Are The Apple of Our Eye

Happy Frog

Some Bunny Special


These two poems are on the back of Lily’s special quilt. This is one of the things my Mother-in-law is known for.

Lily's special quilt

Lily's special quilt

Lily's special quilt

We thought it was really neat that she put 4 butterflies surrounding the poems as my Aunt sent Lily four butterflies for Christmas and we had just hung them above her pack and play.

Lily's butterflies

Happy happy hippo

This is the top left square of Lily’s special quilt.

Lily's special quilt

This is my favorite square. I just love the hippo and think it’s too cute.

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