Lily and Oakley

For months and months, Ok about 4 months or so Lily had been asking to ride a horse. I kept putting it off for 2 reasons; 1) where do you find a horse to ride when you aren’t in the horse scene and 2) Lil’s really timid so I didn’t think she would actually ride the horse and it would be traumatic for her.

A few months ago we started doing a Special Day each month with the kids, really for now it’s just for Lil, but eventually it will be for both of them. Each month one of the parents take a child and does something special with that one, then they switch up the next month.

One day on one of the local Facebook homeschooling pages someone asked about where to ride a horse locally, I started following the conversation and then messaged the two people that we were told would do rides/lessons. One of the ladies-Hannah and I struck up a deal and Lily’s horse riding adventure started to come together. I decided that it would be a great Special Day thing to do and I also decided that if all Lil did was look at the horses it would be worth it.

Even though we decided it would be a Special Day all 4 of us went to see the horses and it was a huge hit. Hannah had 4 or 5 horses and one pony. All of the animals were very friendly and we all petted, snuggled and gave treats to all of them. Then the big moment came and Lil got on a horse; Oakley and rode around a ring with Hannah leading. It was awesome. Lil had a fantastic time and wanted more.

Since dance was not happening during the summer we decided to do 2 riding lessons a month during that time. We went to her second lesson last weekend and I was so proud of Lil. About halfway through the riding part of the lesson Hannah asked Lil if she wanted to try riding two handed, rather than using on hand on the horn and on hand on the raines, Lil gave it a try and had really no problems with it. Hannah then let go of Oakley and Let Lil control her herself and Lil did great. Oakley is trained to follow or go to Hannah so Lil had to keep fighting her, but she did great. Hannah was really impressed and so was I. My little cowgirl.

Lesson 1

Lily meeting on of the horses (Cleo I think) for the first time.

Lesson 1

Jake loving on Cleo.

Lesson 1

Lily’s first lesson. Getting a feel for Oakley.

Lesson 1

Lily’s first lesson.

Lesson 1

Lily’s first lesson. Hannah let me get a few good pictures. 🙂

Lesson 1

How meta. Mark took this one of me taking pictures of Lil during her first lesson.

Lesson 2 Saying Hi

Lesson 2. Hi Oakley. She’s so much braver already.

Lesson 2

Using two hands with Hannah close.

Lesson 2

Using two hands, all by herself. I believe she’s stopping Oakley here.

Lesson 2

Around she goes.

Lesson 2

Saying goodbye.

Lily's second horse riding lesson

Because I can’t stop myself, here’s a couple videos of Lil riding.

Lily's second horse riding lesson

I got you

Last night when I laid Jake down in our bed so I could get some sleep he was asleep, but not super deeply. I laid him on his back and as I was moving slightly away from him he reached out and grabbed my arm. I looked over and he was still asleep, but had the biggest smile on his little sweet face. As he settled back to sleep holding my arm I looked over and told Waldo “Either he’s smiling because he’s all ‘I got you, you can’t get away from me’ or because he’s content having a hold of me”. Either way it’s adorable and he’s just so sweet.


The other day Lil and I were sitting at the kitchen table and out of nowhere we have this conversation:

Lil “Mom when is that special day for you and Dad?”

Me “What special day”

After a moment of thought “The day when you and Dad decided to not just be friends anymore, but to be a family.”

Awe, I think that’s the perfect description for getting married. I love how her mind works.

These pictures don’t have anything to do with this conversation except that they are of Lil. I just wanted to add them.


Sometimes I look down into Jake’s little face and I swear he’s concentrating so hard. His little brows will be knitted and I can just see the gears working trying to figure something out. In the months and years to come I can’t wait to see if his personality is anything like I imagine him to be.

As of right this second I think he’s going to be a calm cuddly little boy how is trying to put all the puzzle pieces into place.

Happy 2 months Jakey.

The Little Brother Song

At my 24 week ultrasound (it should have been my 20 week US, but we were in the middle of moving and 24 was the earliest I could get in) the wonderful tech gave Lil her own copy of one of the pictures of Little Brother. When we got home I asked her where she wanted it and she picked a spot right above her toy boxes “so when I’m playing I can see him and think of him”.

That night while watching the video monitor (we were watching her then because sleeping in her own room was so new and it made her feel better to know we were watching) Waldo said it looked like she was singing or something.

The next day Lil tells me that she was singing and wanted to sing the song for me. While her song wasn’t the most interesting thing to some people I’m sure, but was one of the best songs I’ve ever heard.


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