The other day Lil and I were sitting at the kitchen table and out of nowhere we have this conversation:

Lil “Mom when is that special day for you and Dad?”

Me “What special day”

After a moment of thought “The day when you and Dad decided to not just be friends anymore, but to be a family.”

Awe, I think that’s the perfect description for getting married. I love how her mind works.

These pictures don’t have anything to do with this conversation except that they are of Lil. I just wanted to add them.


Today we all three went to get our hair cut. I was talking with the stylist while she was cutting Waldo’s hair and I was reminded of something; Just how lucky we are.

Both Waldo and I work from home, I know, majorly lucky. I’ve worked from home since Lil was about 6 months old and Waldo has since we left Montana almost 4 years ago. Lily has no idea what it’s like to want to show her Daddy her latest drawing and he’s not around to see it. Lucky!

The stylist asked a question about Lily playing with her Papa (Waldo’s Dad) while we worked and I replied that he doesn’t watch her during the day, but he usually plays with her while we cook dinner. Lucky girl.

A few minutes later Rochelle (the Stylist) said “wait a minute, did you say you cooked dinner together?”

To which Waldo replied “Yes we do. Christy does most of it but I help.” Lucky me.

Rochelle then asked if we plan the meals together and Waldo explained that we do. I believe at this point she looked at me with big ole bug eyes and I said “I know, I’m really lucky” and I am.

We then went on to talk about how we go grocery shopping together and since we work from home we are together 24/7 and we like it that way.

She asked if we ever just want a break from each other and we told her the truth “no, we like being together”.

And it is completely 100% the truth. We like being together. We can easily do things separately and do on occasion, but for the most part we enjoy each others company and prefer to spend our time together.

During our conversation I said that it probably helps that we were friends for about 12 years before we got together and also that I was in a really bad relationship during 10 of those years so I am completely aware of how lucky I am and don’t take advantage of it.

Lily is lucky to have two parents who enjoying being together and like each other. Waldo and I are lucky to have each other and we know it. We are very lucky people.

In a week in a half we will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary. I know I’m a little early with this, but happy anniversary Honey, I’ve had the best 6 years of my life and I can’t wait to see what the next 6 and the 6 after that and the 6 after that and 6 after that (and on and on) have in store for us. I love you.

Us on our wedding day.

6 years later. (This picture was taking by Lil on Waldo’s birthday 2-1-14)

Us, now.

5 years

A few weeks ago Waldo and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. When we woke up I told Waldo “happy anniversary” and he replied with his usual heart melting mushiness. “It’s great that we’ve been together for 5 almost 6 years and things are just the same; great, today as they were when we first realized there was something there”. Alright I did paraphrase a bit, but that was the jist. And his comment about ‘something there’ is because we were friends, really good friends for about 12 years before we went on a road trip together (not for the first time) and both of us realized that we were way more than friends.

I guess because we had 12 years of practice at being friends and we had that history (both of us going through some real big ups and downs and being there for each other) really helps. We knew what we were getting into and we knew we already got along.

When we had been together about 6 months one of our friends mentioned our honeymoon period and it probably ending soon. We are very happy to report that our honeymoon period never ended. Even though we spend literally 24/7 together we have the same great, close relationship we did when we first got married.

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Our 5th wedding anniversary

I love Waldo with all of my heart and I know he feels the same for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 5 years brings along with the next 50.

Halloween 2010 – The Patch

This past Saturday which I guess would be Halloween-Eve we took Lily to this really cool looking Pumpkin Patch. She had a great time walking around and climbing on all the pumpkins. I don’t know what about the big orange pumpkins screamed crawl over me, but Lily sure thought so.


They also make great seats.

Lily loved climbing on and sitting on the pumpinks

Lily let us put her on top of the hay wall by a really cute little pumpkin and a scarecrow. I thought it would make a great picture and it sort of did, I think the light is a little off or something. Anyway, she wanted down RIGHT AWAY.

"Pempen" patch cutie

"Pempen" patch cutie

Lily was determined to move the wheelbarrow. I don’t know where she thought it needed to go but she was going to get it there.

"Pempen" patch cutie

I realized a while ago that I’m in very few pictures with Lily so I’m trying to get better about giving the camera to Waldo.

Lily and Me

I got a couple good ones of them, this one is my favorite. And did you notice, more pumpkin sitting?

Lily and Daddy at the "Pempen" patch.

On the way out Lily need to investigate the hay wall and the pumpkins.

Lily: Hey Mama, I’m pretty sure something great is going on over there.

Me: Oh yeah? What do you think it is Baby Girl?

Going up

L: I’m not sure, but I’m going to use these great orange step stools to find out.

M: Just be careful.

and Up

L: Almost there.

Almost there

L: Just a little further

"hey what's going on over there?"

M: What do you see?

L: Nothing, I’m too short!

Oh hai Mom

*Don’t you love how us blogger Mom’s will let their kid do something semi dangerous to get the good pictures? LOL!

Happy Halloween!
"Pempen" patch cutie

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