5 years

A few weeks ago Waldo and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. When we woke up I told Waldo “happy anniversary” and he replied with his usual heart melting mushiness. “It’s great that we’ve been together for 5 almost 6 years and things are just the same; great, today as they were when we first realized there was something there”. Alright I did paraphrase a bit, but that was the jist. And his comment about ‘something there’ is because we were friends, really good friends for about 12 years before we went on a road trip together (not for the first time) and both of us realized that we were way more than friends.

I guess because we had 12 years of practice at being friends and we had that history (both of us going through some real big ups and downs and being there for each other) really helps. We knew what we were getting into and we knew we already got along.

When we had been together about 6 months one of our friends mentioned our honeymoon period and it probably ending soon. We are very happy to report that our honeymoon period never ended. Even though we spend literally 24/7 together we have the same great, close relationship we did when we first got married.

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Our 5th wedding anniversary

Our 5th wedding anniversary

I love Waldo with all of my heart and I know he feels the same for me. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 5 years brings along with the next 50.

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