Halloween 2010 – The Patch

This past Saturday which I guess would be Halloween-Eve we took Lily to this really cool looking Pumpkin Patch. She had a great time walking around and climbing on all the pumpkins. I don’t know what about the big orange pumpkins screamed crawl over me, but Lily sure thought so.


They also make great seats.

Lily loved climbing on and sitting on the pumpinks

Lily let us put her on top of the hay wall by a really cute little pumpkin and a scarecrow. I thought it would make a great picture and it sort of did, I think the light is a little off or something. Anyway, she wanted down RIGHT AWAY.

"Pempen" patch cutie

"Pempen" patch cutie

Lily was determined to move the wheelbarrow. I don’t know where she thought it needed to go but she was going to get it there.

"Pempen" patch cutie

I realized a while ago that I’m in very few pictures with Lily so I’m trying to get better about giving the camera to Waldo.

Lily and Me

I got a couple good ones of them, this one is my favorite. And did you notice, more pumpkin sitting?

Lily and Daddy at the "Pempen" patch.

On the way out Lily need to investigate the hay wall and the pumpkins.

Lily: Hey Mama, I’m pretty sure something great is going on over there.

Me: Oh yeah? What do you think it is Baby Girl?

Going up

L: I’m not sure, but I’m going to use these great orange step stools to find out.

M: Just be careful.

and Up

L: Almost there.

Almost there

L: Just a little further

"hey what's going on over there?"

M: What do you see?

L: Nothing, I’m too short!

Oh hai Mom

*Don’t you love how us blogger Mom’s will let their kid do something semi dangerous to get the good pictures? LOL!

Happy Halloween!
"Pempen" patch cutie

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One thought on “Halloween 2010 – The Patch

  1. These pictures are all so gorgeous and vibrant and wonderful! I love them. And you guys need to get someone else to hold the camera & take a picture of all three of you <3 Lily's growing up so beautifully…. sniffles! I remember when she was just a little tiny thing!

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