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Originally posted:6/15/08

Week 9
Hello Fetus!! The week the baby goes from being an embryo to a fetus. My how time flies. Now she/he is the size of a grape and has all the major organs. The head is now taking on much more human baby-like proportions. And muscles are starting to form, pretty soon the kicking begins. If I’m lucky when I go to the doctor on Wednesday we’ll be able to hear the heart. I really really hope so. It would be so cool.
I’m still feeling pretty good. A little nausea here and there, but overall not too sick. Oh but I’m tried, always so very tired. All the manufacturing that’s going on is taking a toll on me. It’ll be worth it in the end, but right now I’m having a hard time making it through the day.
And some good news my spotting has pretty much stopped all together. I spotted a little for like 2 days about a week and a half ago, but I really overdid it at work. I have had no spotting since then and I’m going to have a talk with my supervisor hopefully tomorrow that I just can’t keep up this crazy pace. Its not good for me. We’ll see how that goes.


Originally posted: 6/1/08

7 weeks
On May 28th I went for my early ultrasound. It was so cool. I got to see that there is only 1 baby in there and its all on schedule. The little heart was beating at 122/minute which is perfect and was so amazing to see, I can’t even explain it.
As of today I’m 7 weeks along. Which means that baby is about the size of a blueberry. Her/His mouth and tongue are forming this week and so are his/her arm and leg buds. Hands and feet are forming off of those limb buds. The baby has kidneys, an appendix and both hemispheres of the brain are growing.
I feel fine, still no real morning sickness. Well I have tossed my breakfast once, but that isn’t too bad. But I am OMG so very tired. I could sleep all day.


This one is one of my favs. And the main reason that I want to continue blogging.

Originally posted:5/22/08

I’m Back and have big news
I’m back from our wonderful vacation/honeymoon and I do feel better, but that is bound to come and go as I found out that I’m pregnant last week! Waldo and I couldn’t be happier. We have been trying for about 3 months and the timing of finding out couldn’t have been better. I took the test in his parent’s bathroom. We got to tell almost all of our family in person and got to see the reaction and got hugs. It was so much better then telling them on the phone.
I’m about 6 weeks along and due January 16, 2009. According to What to Expect when you’re expecting (Thanks again Katie) the babies heart is beating about 80 times per minute and getting stronger every day.
So far I’ve only had a little nausea and my boobs are a little sore. This is great news and crappy all at the same time. Of course its great that I haven’t felt really sick or threw up, but it also scares me because I don’t “feel very pregnant”. But I’ve been to the doctor and she confirmed there is a bun in my oven and I go back tomorrow for my first OB appointment.
Life is getting interesting.

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