12 weeks old

12 weeks old

12 weeks old

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3 thoughts on “12 weeks old

  1. Ohhh, what a CUTIE! I so miss the newborn stage. Is that crazy? πŸ™‚

    Answering your questions about signing with my daughter:

    I started signing with her as soon as she was able to sit and eat (about 6 months), but you can start anytime. They say it’s like teaching any other language – you start talking to them like you teach them English. And we teach a LOT of English words at once. lol We don’t stop talking to babies because they might not understand.

    I use “Signing Time” http://www.signingtime.com DVDs – mostly because my daughter loves to listen to the songs and see the baby faces and babies signing. I like them because it’s an easy way for ME to learn the basic signs and teach them to her. I got our first DVD at the library to try out – there are different types of signing DVDs but I like this one the best.

    How I teach her… just repetition really. I figure out the sign for myself and then – like “eat/hungry”, her first sign. Everytime she would start crying and get that hungry look, I would say, “Are you getting hungry?” and demonstrate the sign (putting fingers to mouth). Then I would put her fingers to her mouth and give her the food. She caught on fast and it really did reduce frustration. She went from wild-eyed and hyperventilating (well, you know what I mean, lol) to waiting patiently for the food to come to her. So that was nice.

    Sorry this is so long! Your little girl, so sweet. πŸ™‚ I’ll be coming back!

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