15 months old

Lily Bean,

Monday you turned 15 months old and you are just as incredible to me today as you were 15 months ago. I’m sorry that I didn’t write a 13 or 14 month letter, what can I say, you keep me really busy.

15 months old

I have so much to say about you, I don’t know where to start. In no particular order here are the things about you that amaze and entertain me.

  • You have started playing by yourself for pretty long periods of time. You’ll crawl down off my lap and find some toys that keep you entertained for up to 45 minutes.  It’s not usually that long but sometimes it is.
  • You walk!  It is so cute to see you toddle all around the living room.  You still crawl a lot but I’d say you walk a good 50% of the time now.
  • You are a great eater and love feeding yourself.  Squash is still your favorite but you love just about all veggie, I hope it stays like this.
  • You are using the sign for more as food pretty regularly.  It is adorable.  I’ve been signing eat and more since you were about 6 months old  and was thrilled when you started signing back to me.  You have started trying to sign thank you.  I think “thank you” is a little easier for you because it’s very similar to blowing kisses which you are very good at.
  • The other day I told you that we were going to go brush your teeth and you put your finger in your mouth and rubbed it back and forth on your teeth.  I couldn’t believe it.  I thought it was so cool because I’ve never tried to teach you that, you just picked it up from me talking to you about what we do each day.
  • You love to talk on the phone as long as no one is talking back to you.  You will take my phone from me and jabber away, you’ll even do it with toys and remotes.  But as soon as one of your Grandparents want to talk to you on the phone all you do is look at me like “how did you get a person in there?”.
  • You are a little kiss monster.  You love getting kisses from me and Daddy but you love giving us kisses even more.  We were at the grocery store the other day and you made the kissy face at us probably 100 times if not more.  That shopping trip took about twice as long as usual because of all the kisses.
  • You like to put food in  your ears, well really you like to put just about anything inside of other things but for some reason food in your ear is a favorite.  It is so silly

There are probably 1000 more little things I should have included but you change everyday so it’s hard to remember everything you do.

65 weeks old/15 months old

We took you to the doctor for your 15 month well child visit and the doctor was so pleased to see how much you’ve grown and that you are hitting all of your milestones.  At your visit you weighed 18 lbs 9 oz which puts you in the 2.3% which is the highest you’ve been since you were about 1 month old.  Woot!  Your head is 17″ which is 1.81% YAY! And the most amazing of all, you are 29″ long, which means you grew three inches in three months.  I knew you were getting tall because you hit your head when you stand up under my desk now but it is crazy to see it on paper.  Oh and for length you are 12.5%, again that is amazing for you.

65 weeks old/15 months old

Baby girl I love you more then anything and that will never change.



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