19 weeks old


Lily on our NEW COUCH!!

*More on the NEW COUCH later, this is Lily’s post.  But Oh My God I got a NEW COUCH coming Saturday!!!

19 weeks old

19 weeks old. The hands almost never leave her mouth

When Lily smiles her whole face lights up.  She smiles ear to ear, her cheeks get super round and her eyes sparkle.  Its so wonderful.  When she’s super excited even her head gets in on the party.  She will get her whole face smile thing going on and then her head will lurch forward like she’s trying to trow the smile at you.  Its the greatest thing ever.

19 weeks old

19 weeks old

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One thought on “19 weeks old

  1. So sweet! My 2-month-old has been flashing me smiles all week long and I love it. It just completely melts my heart.

    Can I just say again that you have the CUTEST clothes for her…and such a variety too!

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