2 months old

2 months old

2 months old


Today you are two months old.  You are so amazing.  I’m so honored to be your Mom and get to help you on this journey.

You are changing so much and so quickly I can hardly keep up with it all.  One of my favorite changes has been eye contact.  Now when you look at Daddy or me you make eye contact, you are really looking at us.  You also track us when we walk past you or are on the other side of the room.  Its very cool.  You are also getting more head control.  You still bobble around but if you really concentrate you hold your head up for a few minutes.

Your sleeping well at night, by no means sleeping through the night but good enough.  Since you sleep in our bed next to me when you do wake up its easy to just put a boob in your mouth and you go right back to sleep.  I wish I could say I go right back to sleep too, but it could be worse.  At least you only wake up once or twice a night these days.  Sleeping during the day is another story all together.  Oh you sleep during the day but you don’t want to be put down (more on that in a minute).  You will nurse to sleep and I know you are out like a light so I very carefully put you down and most days you wake up within seconds.  If I play my cards right and the planets are correctly aligned you will sleep for twenty minutes.  About once a week or so you will sleep for an hour or two.  I try to recreate the same conditions but it never works again.  Sometimes you will sleep in the boppy, occasionally you will sleep in my bed and once in a blue moon you’ll sleep in your bed.  I’m trying to get a routine for naps for us but so far the only place I can get you to sleep during the day is in my arms.

sleepy girl

sleepy girl

A rare car sear sleep

A semi-rare car seat sleep

Please don’t get me wrong I love having you in my arms asleep or otherwise.  However I can’t get anything done and I’m afraid you don’t get super restful sleep this way.  Speaking of you being in my arms.  I can’t put you down.  Ever.  Well for very long anyway.  I love that you want to be close to me, I really really do.  But again I can’t get anything done.  I know you will outgrow this and that makes me sad so please know I’m not complaining, just stating the facts.

Stop growing up so darn fast.



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2 thoughts on “2 months old

  1. we have that outfit too… The Blue sweater with the brown pants. Too funny, she doesn’t wear it very much, because then people ask boy or girl…. i hate that.lol

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