5 months old

Dear Lily,

Today you are 5 months old.  It is just amazing to me that 5 whole months have pasted since you came into our lives, but I can’t remember life before you either.  You are just such a part of day to day life for your Daddy and I and we have such a good rhythm with you now that 5 months seems perfectly feasible.

5 months old

I really hope that month 5 is more calm then month 4 was.  Lets see you got more or less diagnosed as failure to thrive, put back on a few ounces of formula a day, had a CT scan, blood drawn from both arms, we’ve moved, you really started to talk, you helped me celebrate my first Mother’s day, you figured out what your hands do and I’m sure there were a couple of things I forgot.  Boy I’m warn out.  🙂  Oh yea your blew a few raspberrys.

5 months old

You can keep up with the milestone stuff but this house and medical stuff is for the birds.

5 months old

You seem to be under the impression that once you do something twice you never have to do it again.  You won’t roll over for me no matter what now, but I have pictures of you doing it in the past.  You blew 2 raspberrys and won’t do it again no matter how hard Daddy and I try to get you to.  Please for my sanity get over this twice is enough mind set.

5 months old

I swear you are on the verge of laughing I just haven’t figured out how to send you over the edge.  Every once in a while you will make this crazy sound like your sucking in air really hard with a big grin on your face and I just know that some day that will be a big belly laugh.  You don’t seem to be ticklish so trying to tickle you just pisses you off.  Peek a boo don’t do it, when I put a blanket up to block me from you or bend down and pop up and say boo you just look at me like you knew I was there all along and don’t know why I bothered.  Please help me out and tell me what to do to make you laugh.  Please!

I love you Sweet Girl,



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8 thoughts on “5 months old

  1. I love this post! What a beautiful letter to a beautiful girl. Happy Monthaversary to Lily!

    Little One just turned 6 months old 2 weeks ago. Can I tell you that I CRIED?!?! LOL! I just looked at her and thought “Oh my gosh! I CANNOT believe you are HALF A YEAR OLD already!!!” LOL!

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