A peek in Lily closet– part 1

I get so many wonderful comments and compliments about Lily’s clothes, (thank you all so much) that I wanted to spend a little time talking about them.

I’d say that 99% of all of Lily’s clothes were either from my baby shower or hand-me-downs. Besides my baby monitor, a few blankets and odds and ends all I got for my shower were baby clothes. It was amazing. My co-workers and family went crazy buying cute little girl clothes. One of my ex co-workers whom we refer to as Grandma Starr bought cute baby girl clothes before we knew Lily was a girl and still buys her stuff.

As for the hand-me-downs, they came from all over the place. I worked at a credit union and if you’ve ever been a credit union member then you understand the close community that it can provide. I got bags and bags of baby clothes, a baby bath tub, swing and bouncer seat from one member alone; it was gggrrrate. One of the ladies Waldo worked with had just had a baby and gave us probably 4 big rubbermaid tubs of clothes. And my little (hahaha she’ll be 30 soon, how does that happen?) sister has a baby girl about 4 months older then Lil so she sends a lot of hand-me-downs too.

Here are some of the great shower gifts:

8 week

2 months old

This is one of my favorite outfits ever, it was from Grandma Starr
10 weeks old

and another shower gift from Grandma Starr
How many more pictures Mom?

This is a shower gift. The “cherry on top” is a friggin’ button, I might rant about this one day
So cute

Another co-worker brought this back from Maui for Lily
7 months old



I could go on and on and I’m sure some of you feel that I already have gone too far. As you can see I’m using this as an excuse to reminisce.

As for that other 1% of clothes in Lily’s closet I have bought new; one dress and one onesie and a few things at a yard sale. We are so thankful for the wonderful generous gifts that we’ve received.

These are the things I’ve bought new:

31 weeks old

I need to wrap this craziness up so I can go to bed.

But one last thing that I meant to post a couple of months ago.

One day Waldo got home from work and there was a bag from the grocery store hanging off the door knob. When we opened it there were two baby outfits in it with no note. One was a larger size of this

16 weeks old

Someone please explain to me how two people thought my daughter would want to look like Fran Dresher?

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4 thoughts on “A peek in Lily closet– part 1

  1. She DOES have a huge wardrobe of stylish and sweet clothing items. Don’t you just love hand-me-downs? I think they’re wonderful.

    And that’s one of the great things about having TWO girls. My little one wears so many clothes that her big sister wore, which is really fun for a variety of reasons. 🙂

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