A rose by any other name…

Ok really it should be a Lily by another name.  🙂

Lily has had nicknames since she was a black and white fuzzy image on the ultrasound screen.  Since she’s been born she has acquired a few more.

Let’s see there is Lily Bean (the original, pre-birth nickname), then Waldo morphed it into Chili Bean, sometimes we just call her Bean.  There’s also Peanut (the one I use the most right now).  One of my favorites is Princess Pickle Pants, Waldo didn’t approve of this one at first but now he likes it too.  Yesterday I came up with Princess Pissy Pants, yesterday was a nap fight all day long.  When we are talking about her we sometimes (all the time) call her “The Girl“, occasionally she’s “The Kid” and rarely in moments of frustration she’s “The Child“.  And of course there’s Lil.  I suppose since her name is Lillian even Lily is a nickname, but I don’t really see it like that.

My Sweet Girl

My Sweet Girl

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6 thoughts on “A rose by any other name…

  1. This is such a cute picture! I’m new around here, but that alone is enough to draw me back =) She’s lovely.

    Also, I love your pick of a name. When we found out we were pregnant, I fought valiantly for a Lily or a Violet (if the baby were a girl), but my husband is unyielding and I lost. Sigh.

    • Thanks Mike. It’s amazing what you come up with when snap 500 pictures. 🙂

      Hi Shari, I have a friend named Malcolm. I’ll have to ask him if he ever got that.

      Hi Sarah, Thanks for stopping by and your kind words. We had an amazingly easy time agreeing on Lily, her middle name took forever though. Sorry you lost the name battle. I’m sure you came to terms on a lovely name.
      I stopped by your blog, it looks great. I’ll be going back.

  2. Yeah we have nicknames here, too. 🙂 Unfortunately we’ve called our baby, “Baby” too often, lol. Of course we use her real name most often. I told my husband we have to think of some CUTE nicknames like I see here on the web. Princess Pickle Pants is SO cute! Love it!

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