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Last night when we got home from trick-or-treating Lily played with her candy haul, but never really showed any interest in eating any.  This didn’t surprise us since she has probably only had candy once or twice and that was just a small bite of some candy Waldo or I were eating.  She loves ice cream and we share one every time we go to the zoo, but candy just isn’t a part of her life and I like it like that.  We did tell her that we’d let her have a small bit of candy for a snack today and wouldn’t you know it, she remembered and asked for it first thing this morning.  I told her she had to have a good healthy breakfast before she could eat any candy so we headed to the kitchen and she fueled up.

I had planned to give away most of her candy to our trick-or-theaters but wouldn’t you know it, we didn’t have very many, so her basket had a good bit of candy in it.  While we had breakfast Waldo took most of the candy out and hid it.  When breakfast was over I handed her her basket and let her pick one.  She choose a long tootsie roll.  I broke off about a third of it and handed it to her and ate the rest. You know I have to do my part for her health.

After she was done and I was washing the sticky off of her hands I reminded her that candy is tasty, but isn’t not healthy for our bodies or our teeth.  “But my tongue likes it.” she replies.  Kids!

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

The pictures are pre-trick-or-treating and she was pretending to eat CARROTS.

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