Catch-up pictures

These are just some random pictures I’ve taken of Lily over the last month. We spend 90% of our time during the day in our living room and the camera is always close by so when Lily is being especially cute or doing one of her signature moves I try to grab a snap of it.


Lily loves lip blam like her Mommy


Lily's checking out the new gate


Lily's doing tricks in our new Ergo


We love our Ergo


Fun in a box


Snow baby

Silly girl

This Boon cup is the best and Lily loves doing this

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5 thoughts on “Catch-up pictures

  1. So adorable! It’s been awhile since I’ve popped over to your site. Don’t worry, it’s not you! I haven’t been to anyones especially my own. πŸ™‚ But I’m so glad I did now so I could see such a great collection of shots of your darling little girl! Nice update for me when it’s been awhile.


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