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Last night when we got home from trick-or-treating Lily played with her candy haul, but never really showed any interest in eating any.  This didn’t surprise us since she has probably only had candy once or twice and that was just a small bite of some candy Waldo or I were eating.  She loves ice cream and we share one every time we go to the zoo, but candy just isn’t a part of her life and I like it like that.  We did tell her that we’d let her have a small bit of candy for a snack today and wouldn’t you know it, she remembered and asked for it first thing this morning.  I told her she had to have a good healthy breakfast before she could eat any candy so we headed to the kitchen and she fueled up.

I had planned to give away most of her candy to our trick-or-theaters but wouldn’t you know it, we didn’t have very many, so her basket had a good bit of candy in it.  While we had breakfast Waldo took most of the candy out and hid it.  When breakfast was over I handed her her basket and let her pick one.  She choose a long tootsie roll.  I broke off about a third of it and handed it to her and ate the rest. You know I have to do my part for her health.

After she was done and I was washing the sticky off of her hands I reminded her that candy is tasty, but isn’t not healthy for our bodies or our teeth.  “But my tongue likes it.” she replies.  Kids!

Halloween 2011

Halloween 2011

The pictures are pre-trick-or-treating and she was pretending to eat CARROTS.

Thinking about Holiday cards already (and a giveaway) Closed

I’m usually such a procrastinator that it seems almost unrealistic that I’m thinking about holiday cards at the end of October. I guess the fact that I had such a good experience with Shutterfly last year for my holiday cards helps, and since they offered to do a giveaway with me that really gets me to move.  I love everything about the whole process of making and sending out holiday cards. I love finding Lily the perfect outfits, I love setting up a great holiday backdrop, whether it be a tree and presents or something more outdoorsy.  I love getting Lily to play and have fun, especially in a way that makes for great pictures.  I really love finding my favorite pictures and then finding the perfect card to show them off.

I have some criteria for a great holiday card that I use: For one, I prefer a flat card over a folded card. Flat cards are easier to put on the fridge or hang on the wall by my desk. Since that is what I like, I assume everyone likes that too.  🙂

I also like cards that have a number of pictures on them. I guess I just like being able to see a lot of Lily pictures.

I try to stay away from cards that say “Merry Christmas”. My Mom celebrates Yule, so she doesn’t really like getting Christmas cards and for me the card is more about the Holidays as a whole more than Christmas anyway.

I think those are pretty much my rules for cards, they aren’t hard and fast, but they are my guidelines.  One of the things that I love and hate about Shutterfly is that they have such a huge selection of cards that it’s hard to narrow them down to “the one”. For right now I think I this is “the one”, but we’ll see how things look tomorrow.

(Photo credit: Shutterfly.com)

Now for the giveaway:

Shutterfly was very generous and offered 3 Jinxyisms.com readers a certificate for 25 free Holiday cards of your choice.  To enter just leave me a comment answering the following question:

Do you have any criteria for holiday cards that you use?

Or just tell me Hi, or what you are making for breakfast. What ever floats your boat.

The giveaway ends on I will use random.org to select the winners on November 11, 2011 at Noon.  I’ll use random.org to select the winner and email them.  Please be sure to leave me an email address.  If the winner doesn’t get back to me in 3 days I’ll choose another winner.  Open to US residents only. Sorry everyone else.


Disclosure: Shutterfly compensated me for this review, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Egg hunts

I know I’m a little late to the Easter post party, but better late then never.

We aren’t religious so we treat Easter pretty much the same as we do Christmas, it’s just something fun to do.  We also don’t give Lily much sugar so she got no candy and didn’t miss it.

I bought Lil a little Easter basket and the color dyes for eggs sometime in early March, I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The day before Easter around 7pm (nothing like waiting till the last minute anyway) I got out a bunch of leftover birthday party cups and the vinegar and set to work activating the dye tablets. Waldo put Lil in her chair and put her art smock (one of my old t-shirts) on and as I grabbed the first batch of dyes to take to the table I spilled one. We knew this was a sign of things to come. Waldo dropped a egg in a cup and right then and there we decided this sucked. I grabbed all the cups (after cleaning up the pink dye from the white counter) and tossed them in the sink and went to my art box and grabbed the new Crayola paint I bought. I put some paint in a few of the leftover party cups and I showed Lily that it was okay to paint the eggs. While I was getting the paint Lily and Waldo tried using crayons to color the eggs (bust) and markers (worked good) so some of the eggs had quite the decorations on them. Lily and I had fun painting the dozen eggs I boiled.

Easter 2011

We take egg painting seriously

Easter 2011

The new art cover for the table needed some color - apparentelly.

Easter morning or more accurately early afternoon I went out and hid the eggs and then got Lily all dressed up in the cute dress my Dad and step-Mom bought her. We all went outside and the egg hunt began.

Easter 2011

One of Lily's painted eggs.

I was a little worried that the paint wouldn’t dry on the eggs, but it dried very nicely.

Easter 2011

She found her first egg.

Easter 2011

And another egg.

The eggs that got wet did bleed a little of their paint, but it’s washable so not a big deal.

Easter 2011

Oh look, there's one in the fern.

Easter 2011

And in the tree.

Once she found them all (the dozen painted eggs and a few empty plastic eggs), she and I went inside and Waldo hid them again.

Easter 2011

Kitty's helping.

Easter 2011

Easter 2011

There's a egg in with those rocks, somewhere.

Easter 2011

Checking out her haul.

We went inside after this and she played and played with the eggs. It was really cute. She wasn’t thrilled when the painted eggs kept breaking, but she was a good sport about throwing them away.

I hope everyone had a good Easter, no matter how you celebrate.

Christmas pictures

I had all these grand plans for our Thanksgiving that involved taking family pictures in front of the Christmas tree because both of Waldo’s siblings and all their kids would be here. That got blown out of the water because one of Waldo’s nephews got sick the day before Thanksgiving so he stayed home with his Mom. Since I had this really pretty dress for Lily already I decided to keep trying to get pictures of her in it for our Holiday card. And really I would have done it anyway but the pretty dress was a extra good excuse. Over the course of the end of November and most of December I tried and tried to get pictures of Lily in different holiday outfits and I was never happy enough with any of them to use as “the picture”. Because Lily is adorable any picture would have worked but I was looking for the perfect one.

Checking out the tree




On Lily’s second birthday I put her in her pretty dress (and the extra snowman shirt I made) and took approximately 1,524,682 pictures and loved a bunch of them.




This next one is “The One”

In the end we decided to use a bunch of the pictures. I’m really pleased with how it turned out.

Cool Gray Christmas Card
Create modern Christmas cards at Shutterfly.
View the entire collection of cards.

I placed the order for the card on Christmas day while Lily napped, I feel we were still on time and I won’t accept any other opinions. If you haven’t gotten your card yet don’t worry, I’m still trying to get them out. I have to add stamps to next weeks grocery shopping list.

Lily’s homemade bellydancing dress

For Lily’s birthday my Mom’s wife Cory made her a beautiful belly dancing dress.  Cory is a very talented belly dancer and makes amazing costumes among other things.  Lily loves her dress and the second I put it on her she started dancing around and showing it off.



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