Child birth education

Yesterday Waldo and I attended our child birth education class. It was a 6 hour class. It was a long day. But we both enjoyed the class and came out of it with a much better idea of what to expect when I go into labor. I’m really glad we went to it, we had thought about not worrying about it because the baby’s going to come when she’s ready weather we are educated or not. I think that’s the lazy but also laid back side of us.

The hospital here in Whitefish is the only certified water birthing hospital in the state. I thought that was pretty cool. They had the water birth tub all set out so we could look at it. Its in interesting idea, but I don’t think I want to give birth in a tub. The hospital is very new (maybe 2 years old now) and very set up for a nice birthing experience. Two of the labor/birthing rooms have jacuzzi tubs and I thought about maybe laboring in there for a while. It looked relaxing in the videos. We’ll see how I feel when its actually time.

We are slowly getting the house ready for Lily. Since she’s going to sleep in our room we aren’t really worrying about making a nursery. But we have to get the extra bedroom cleaned out and organized. We don’t feel like we procrastinated on purpose, but we do feel that all the sudden in a couple of weeks (give or take) she’ll be here and we are no where near ready. I never really got a nesting urge and that would have helped us a lot.

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