Christmas Cards, left till last minute of course

I have a terrible relationship with cards; Christmas or other wise. I’m trying to change that but it is a very old relationship and those are the hardest to end. You see, I know that someone’s birthday is coming up or that December is looming near so I add cards to my shopping list. If I’m lucky I find the perfect card on the first try if not it probably won’t get bought at all. I will totally forget to add it to the next week shopping list or I will forget to look for it when I’m at my computer. Lets say that the stars align and mars is in the whatever house,  I will actually get a card home; my desk pile will be its final resting place. I almost never remember to send the cards out. When we were packing to move I found at least 7 unused cards; which is sad because I am a pretty good card picker. Now that I live within 35 miles of 95% of my family I have managed to give out a few birthday cards but usually very late.

Anyway this year is no different. Here it is December 7th and I haven’t ordered our Christmas cards, heck I haven’t taken our picture yet.  To save myself a few bucks I decided to join the bloggers reviewing Snapfish, in return I get 50 free cards. Here are a few cards that I will consider once I get that perfect picture taken.

I like the colors and the words ring true for me

Simple and sweet


I love all the designs that you can choose from, and such a great price range.

Snapfish also offers all types of other photo products.  I wish I hadn’t ran out of time to get invitations to Lily’s upcoming birthday party, I totally would have ordered these for her Snowman party.

They offer photo wall calendars.  I have always wanted to make one of these up.  I can just imagine how cute a Lily calendar would be.

They also offer great photo books.  My cousin’s wife made one for my aunt and the book is just beautiful.

If you are a blogger you could get 50 free Christmas cards if you write a blog post about it.  Way easy.  But hurry because like everything else in my life I’m almost too late for this too, the deadline to register is December 10th.  Hurry.

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