Cloth diapering – What about the poop?

Like I said in my review of AppleCheeks diapers I have been cloth diapering for about 9-10 months now and love it. I love it so much that I just added some new diapers to my stash – in fact I’m sitting here waiting anxiously for the UPS man, but I’ll talk more about these later. Right now I want to talk about a Mom’s favorite subject, POOP. I swear I have never in my 34 years talked about or thought about poop as much as I have in the last 14 months. When was the last time she pooped? Is she pooping too much or little? Is it to solid or runny? The questions go on and on but the most pressing one for a cloth diaperer is what do you do with it once it’s in a diaper?

Diaper sprayer

See the silver thing attached to the toilet? It’s a diaper sprayer. Do me a favor and don’t look at the dirty floor, I cleaned it right after I took the shot. That sprayer is what makes poopy cloth diapers a non-issue. You hold the diaper over the toilet and use the sprayer to knock the poop off. The sprayer eliminates the need to dunk and swish the diaper in the toilet. The diaper sprayer takes just a couple of minutes to install and take out if necessary and best of all requires no tools.

My diaper sprayer started leaking a few months ago so Waldo unhooked it. I contacted the manufacture through their website, they responded by the next day and asked me what the problem was. Well by this time I had forgotten where the leak was coming from so Waldo hooked the sprayer back up. When he turned it on the little handle shot off and water sprayed Waldo, the walls and the floor. It was pretty funny and I’m really glad that he’s such a good sport. I emailed Gene from Mini Shower and let them know, they asked for pictures because it wasn’t something they had heard of before. I sent the pictures and they shipped a replacement that day. I hooked the new sprayer up right after it got delivered and Lily put it to the test because she’s helpful like that. During the month or two that my sprayer was broken (because I’m a professional procrastinator and it took me forever to figure out what to do about it) I almost quit cloth diapering because it was so frustrating to deal with the poop.

**This isn’t a sponsored post, I just really believe in the diaper sprayer and want other people to know how cool they are.

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