Collage making

Last week Lily was bored and I had just finished working so I got into my crafting tub and at first I thought about letting her paint and then I noticed the stickers Waldo picked out for her while we shopping.  I decided that a collage would be a better idea.  I had a couple pieces of tissue paper and this kind of shiny, slick, red on one side and silver on the other side scrap of wrapping paper left, so I grabbed them, some small squares of poster board and a glue stick.

I set Lil up at the kitchen table and set to work cutting pieces of the paper for her and explaining what to do.  She’s done a collage before, but it was a while ago so I gave her a small refresher course.  She caught on right away.

Making a college

Making a college

I could not convince her that stickers don’t need glue. I was a little surprised that the stickers stayed on because the paper was so wet from the glue.

Making a college

Lily is really figuring out what being two is all about the last couple of weeks. And the morning of the collage was an especially trying morning and taking a little break to do something fun with Lily was all it took to turn our day around and made all the difference in the world.

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