CT Scan on my 4 month old try 2

If you remember from this post we were suppose to keep Lily up till midnight, wake her up at 6 am and not feed her after 4 am.

Why is it when you want them to sleep so you can maybe sex up you hubby or eat a taco they won’t sleep for anything, but of course when you want them to stay awake they zonk out hard core?

Staying up to midnight was a bust, she fell asleep about 9:45 and you know what?  I didn’t care.  Waldo did some research on the Google and found studies that said sleep deprivation doesn’t help or hurt sedation in infants.  So we were in bed at 10.  I set my alarm for 3:45 so I could give Lily 2 ounces of formula to hold her over till I could feed her after the scan.  That all worked out fine and while the bottle warmed up I worked on our Mother’s day gifts (which will be late sorry Mom and Rita) and nursed.  Then we went back to sleep till the alarm started making terrible noises at 5:30.  We drug our tired butts out of bed.  I can hardly see straight because I’m so tired, Lily on the other hand is all smiles and happy as a little clam.

Fast forward about 45 minutes and the crying starts.  Lil realizes that no boob is coming at her and I won’t let her close her eyes.  This had to be the longest 90 minutes in recorded history.
Then there was this

crying in the carseat

See the big tear?

We had a 20 minute drive ahead of us.  Before the car got out of the drive way there was much sleeping

Sleeping no matter what Mom did

not even the sun could wake sleeping beauty

and much harassing to no avail.

When we got there and took her out of her seat she was refreshed and happy for about 15 minutes, of course they made us wait about 45.  What kind of morons make a baby wait that long?

This was during the happy 15 minutes

Wide awake finally and blowing bubbles

bubbles and smiles

Sorry for the bad picture, I just thought the bubbles were cute.

When they finally call us back we get informed that I can be in the room with her during the scan, hell if it would keep her still I could be in the tube.  I’m really glad I can be in the room, not so sure about the tube though, I just couldn’t imagine how that would work.  At some point it gets brought up that I have a bottle with a little formula.  Oh they say this will cure everything.  The nurses were really nice oohing and aahing over Lily, trying to make her stop crying while we figured it all out.  So it was decided that we would give it a try without sedation.  I swaddled my poor tired girl in her miracle blanket, the nurses then wrapped her in a warm blanket, I grabbed the bottle and away we went.

Into the scan room we venture.

ct scan machine

(this is the scanner from the first hospital)

*I didn’t have time to grab the camera so this is pretty much the end of the photo portion of the adventure*

This hospital had a nice little head holder thing attached to the table, it made all the difference.  Lily couldn’t move her head even if she tried.  You probably can’t tell from the picture but the first hospital just had a flat table and Waldo was going to have to hold her head still.  I don’t know about your babies but Lily is very strong and likes freedom of movement when she wants it.  Waldo and I were put in lead dresses (I really wish I had a picture of this) and I plopped the bottle in Lil’s mouth.  Pretty much before the tech left the room Lily was asleep sucking happily down her formula.  The whole thing was suppose to last 30 seconds, but of course there was a problem with the machine and it ended up taking almost 10 minutes.  There wasn’t radiation that whole time, it was mostly hanging around watching paint dry kind of time.  Thankfully Lily slept during all of it.  They rebooted the machine and about 30 seconds later we were done.  I am so thankful that we didn’t have to sedate her, there isn’t much risk with it but I don’t want my baby to have any medication that isn’t 100% necessary.

Putting Lily in the car meant undoing the miracle blanket and of course that woke her up so for the 20 minute car ride home I was screamed at.

The poor girl ate and slept the rest of the day.  Probably wondering what she did in a former life for her parents to treat her so poorly.


It has taken me so long to write this we’ve gotten the results of the scan.  Its not the super duper final report but its very unlikely that the information will change.  Lily’s head is fine.  The scan shows no signs of early fusing.  Of course all of this is wonderful news, I could dance on the ceiling kind of great news.  But (isn’t there always a but) now we have to keep trying to find out why Lily’s head is shaped a little odd.  Well Waldo and I don’t think its that odd and we think Lily is fine, but the doctor’s job is to worry and we appreciate and hate her for it.


Breaking in the new couch

The picture is just because she’s cute and its a good profile shot.

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7 thoughts on “CT Scan on my 4 month old try 2

  1. Isn’t it just heart-breaking when a big fat tear actually rolls down your baby’s cheek? Gahhhh. It makes me feel like an absolute failure.

    I’m glad to hear that things went smoothly, and ESPECIALLY that the results are positive! Woooo Lily!

  2. It’s probably a good thing that doctors worry for us, but that’s their job. Our job is to look at our babies in wonder and disbelief that anyone would think something is wrong. It’s another version of yin/yang balance. We need the doctors, but sometimes we as parents know best too. All babies are different and when you compare them each to a chart or average idea of what is baby, they would all fail in some way. But that’s what makes us all unique and human. We should all celebrate those differences!

    OK, off my soapbox! She’s still an exceptionally beautiful child and I feel your pain with the dreaded tear on cheek. My heart breaks open when my daughter does that. It’s probably a good thing she hasn’t figured out that she could get away with anything with that little tear.

  3. Oh, what a hard, hard day! I’m sure you’re relieved that it’s over and I’m so glad they didn’t sedate her. I’m happy to hear that the results are positive too (or negative, really…but you know what I mean).

    I don’t want to “step on your toes” at all, but I just wanted to very gently say that you don’t always have to listen to doctors. If you feel like she’s alright, then maybe she’s just fine. Doctors have a way of making everything an emergency. For example, why would they say she needed to be sedated originally if sedation wasn’t really required? If you’re baby would have not settled down and fallen asleep, they probably would have sedated her…instead of patiently waiting for her to fall asleep. Anyway, that’s just my thought. I hope you don’t mind me “weighing in” on this…

  4. OH, she is precious. Those CT scans are never fun. I’ve had to bear a few with a toddler. But not a sweet tiny baby. I hope all is ok. Will be believing so!


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