Family Fun

The other day Waldo’s sister Christy (talk about confusing when we are both together) (oh and I have a step-sister named Krisiti, she and I were born on the same day, she’s just a few years older) her husband Barclay and their son Jude visited from L.A. We all went outside to play and enjoy the wonderful weather.

I was sitting on the grass taking it all in and taking pictures.

Lily kept running to me from the ends of the backyard and jumping into my arms for a major hug.

Running to hug me

Running to hug me

How lucky am I?

Me and Lily

Me and Waldo

Lil loves her Daddy

Daddy and Lil

Papa was telling Lily something about the garden or grass. She is going to have so much fun helping him garden this year. We already got her some tiny tools.

Lily and Papa

I took probably 10 or 20 pictures of Lily and my Mother-in-Law Rita and this one was the absolute best. Of course Waldo and my Sis-in-law Christy were photo bombing us.

Lily and ReRe

Lily was ready to go to dinner.

Cool kid

I’m pretty sure she was telling us to hurry up at this point.

Lily and ReRe

We met up with Waldo’s brother and his family at a great local restaurant. I took the rest of the pictures with Waldo’s phone (mine was uncharacteristically just about dead).

Family Dinner

Family Dinner

Family Dinner

Family Dinner

We had a nice time and have to enjoy them while they last. Waldo’s brother is moving his family to Idaho as we speak. We’re going to miss all those rowdy boys.

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