Firsts, firsts and more firsts

This Saturday was full of firsts for my little Lily.  I think my favorite was that she didn’t get upset and scream in the car during our weekly shopping trip, of course when we went out again later in the day there was a whole didn’t vibe in the car but I won’t dwell on that.  She didn’t cry at all, that is what I want to remember.  She had her first sip of water and it was from a “cup” which was another first and that went right along with her fist medicine.  Lily is teething (people following me on Twitter may have heard something about this) and its killing me her so I bought some Hyland’s Teething Tablets and dissolved a couple in a tiny “cup” with a tiny bit of water.  She drank that down just like a big girl.  I was so proud of her.  I have no idea if the teething tablets helped at all because her crankiness comes and goes so quickly it gives me whiplash but I like to think that it did help.

first medicine, drinking cup and non cereal food

Another first for Lil was sweet potatoes.  Its the first non-rice cereal solid-ish food that she’s eaten and she liked it.  She was really unsure at first and I think that was partly my fault.  I didn’t mix any water, breast milk or formula into it, I just left it the consistency and texture it was right out of the food processor.  So it was a little thick and totally a different flavor/texture from the rice cereal she was used to so I wasn’t surprised that she wasn’t too sure at first, but she got over it very quickly.

I was so shocked at how easy the sweet potato was to make for her.  I bought 1 medium sized organic sweet potato (I should have taken a picture of it) and I followed to the directions that I got off of  But to make it sound more like my idea I will tell you what I did and add in the few pictures I managed to take.

I washed and scrubbed the sweet potato, then punched a bunch of holes in it (I love to get aggression out this way), then wrapped it in tin foil and tossed it in a 425 degree oven.  That is hotter then the website suggests but our oven seems to not run as hot as it should.  After 30 minutes Waldo flipped the potato over and after an hour total I took it out.  I left it wrapped to cool off for probably another hour.  Honestly I forgot about it so I have no idea how long it sat there but probably no longer then 90 minutes.

So I unwrapped it and sliced it in half length way and then peeled the skin off.  It was still a little hot but the skin just slipped right off.** I think cut it into large chunks and tossed it in the food processor.  I have a tiny processor and it was just perfect for this size sweet potato.  I then smushed the life out of the tuber.

sweet potatoes

I let it cool off a little more and then put some in a cup for Lily. Like I said before I didn’t add any liquid to it and I should have. I’ve been giving it to her all week with water added, its much better. She really liked it once she got over the new taste and texture.

sweet potatoes

sweet potatoes

When she was done she cleaned herself off.

cleaning myself up

After the smushed potato in the processor was all cooled I grabbed a clean ice cube tray and filled it up. Did you know that one ice cube is just over one ounce. I didn’t know that till I had Lily. The things our kids teach us.

sweet potatoes

Oh yea I wrapped it in clingfilm and then I stuck it in the freezer. The next day I wacked it on the counter and the frozen cubes of sweet potato fell out onto a paper towel.  Now they reside in my freezer in a zip lock bag and I take one out in the morning so it can thaw for dinner. It works out wonderfully.

Lily’s next new food will be avocado. I had to search around for an organic one or she would have had it before the sweet potato.

**I think this was from leaving it in the foil while it cooled.  It was easy peasy what ever the cause.

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5 thoughts on “Firsts, firsts and more firsts

  1. I fed my daughter a LOT of homemade sweet potatoes when she first started out. Too many I think. It was the only thing solid she would eat. She started having this orange tint to her skin. I didn’t even notice it till her pediatrician mentioned it. Of course I was freaked out but she reassured me that it really wasn’t a big deal. Just need to lay off the potatoes, ya know. This led to my mom telling me that the same happened to me when I was a baby. She fed me so many carrots that I turned orange too. Not sure if this “orangification” runs in families but its made for a great story to share with my little one later on. (the orange tint went away in about a week when I stopped the potatoes) 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! So so cute! I feel guilty, I haven’t given my daughter sweet potatoes… because I don’t like them! lol She eats a lot of corn and green beans though. And regular potato. 🙂

    The teething… when I ask Emma if she wants her “medicine” she comes running and takes her tablets down with no problem. They must taste pretty good, lol. I have no idea if they actually work but she does seem to calm down afterward.

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