Knocking is like saying Please to the door

Last Sunday door knobs became Lily’s bitch. It came as a shock to all of us. I can’t remember the last time she even tried to open a door and all of the sudden Sunday she got it in her head to stand on her tippy toes and give it a try. She put her hands on each side of the knob and twisted it. After a bunch of hip-hip-horays and yays, she tried it again, and again, and again. She was so proud of herself, as were we.

A little later it was nap time. After I got Lil to sleep and laid down (I still nurse her to sleep) I went out to the kitchen and had lunch with Waldo. While we were cleaning up I took my eyes off of Lily’s video monitor (thanks Stephanie, you were right, I love it and I’m so glad I won) and the next thing we know I hear a commotion coming from the hallway and Lily burst in to the room with a big “Here I am!”. She had opened the bedroom door to came to find us when I didn’t go get her after .5 seconds.

Of course now I have to teach her that she can’t just open the door because wants to go in that room. I have spent a lot of time this week saying “knocking is like saying Please to the door”. I think she’s getting it.

I can’t believe how big this girl is getting.

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