Late Night Cuteness of the Lily Bean

I don’t know what happened last night, but just as Waldo and I were laying down our heads to dream, Lily decided it was the perfect time to party.   I did not agree, but after about an hour of trying to nurse her to sleep I gave up and we went into the office and tried to kill time till Lily was ready to go to sleep.  Of course she had what felt like a really nice long nap and was ready to be awake and having fun.  In the three and a half hours that we had to kill she pulled out some super cuteness and I of course tried to capture it.

I have sang her “patty cake” a bunch since she was little, but something about it a few days ago really stuck with her and now it’s her favorite thing.  She especially love the “roll it” part.

Since her birthday last month Lily has been singing a lot of “happy birthday”.  By the way I have no idea she got the idea for the “microphone” from.

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