Life’s a beach

We spent last Saturday and Sunday morning in the adorable little coastal town of Cambria.  I love it, I want to marry it and move there.  Or just move there so Waldo can come too.  We were there for Waldo’s cousin’s baby shower so just about all of Waldo’s family was there too.  We all had a good time and we got some great pictures.

Lily played with two of her little cousins, well she played near them and talked to them in some unknown language two or three times.


We're at the baby shower.

We went to the beach.  It was Lily’s first time.  It was magnificent.  And it was a little painful.  The beach has a lot of rocks on it and they killed my feet, but one look at the water splashing on the bigger rocks make up for it.

Lily didn’t hate the beach but she wasn’t sure what to do with it.  Maybe next time we go it will be warm enough to swim in, that might make her realize how fun it is.

Moonestone Beach

Lily's first time at the ocean

Moonestone Beach

I'm trying to explain why the ocean is so amazing. I think I failed to get my point across.

Moonestone Beach

Moonestone Beach

Moonestone Beach

After we got tired of trying to impress Lily we went to the little play area.

Lily got to swing for the first time since her real first time last year and she was loved it.

a Cambria park on the beach

"Oh this isn't too bad"

a Cambria park on the beach

"Oh my, I'm going so fast, this is pretty darn cool"

a Cambria park on the beach

"I LOVEEEEEEeee this"

a Cambria park on the beach

Do you see the ocean through the fence. The playground is at the top of the beach.

We took her down the slide and then I had the crazy idea to see if she wanted to go into the tunnel that connect the two sides of the play thingy.  I was a little worried that she wouldn’t like it but she loved it.  She was a little sad when we wanted to go back to the swings.  But once she was swinging she didn’t care anymore.  Swinging is good stuff.

a Cambria park on the beach

Bean, Lily Bean.

a Cambria park on the beach

She loves these tunnels.

a Cambria park on the beach

I think the best part of the whole trip was sitting up late into the night with Waldo’s brother, sister and their families.  Hanging out with our families and getting to know them is one of the biggest Pro on the list so it was really nice to really be experiencing it.

First time on the swings

Lily's very first time on the swings. She was 8 months old.

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One thought on “Life’s a beach

  1. My youngest has yet to see the beach…and my oldest only saw it when she was about 6 months old (so, of course, she doesn’t remember it). We have to rectify that soon! 😉

    That said, they both love swinging and we go to local parks to swing relatively often.

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