Lily directed art

Last week Lil came up to me with her horses and told me she had an idea, she wanted to stamp with their hooves and tails. I said Sure, why not. So we did.

We went to the craft closet and she handed me bottles of paint and I put it on a paper plate. I asked her what kind of paper she wanted and she informed me that she already had the paper, Silly Mom. Oh, ok. We went to her bench and she set everything up.

She told me to grab a horse or three, after she reminded me of all of their names. I got my two horses and she handed me another and informed me that they were the girl horses and they don’t really get along with the boy horses because the boys are too rowdy. LOL. She then told me to dip the hooves in paint and the have the horses prance across the paper. So I did.

Then she took her turn to do the same and then we went back and forth all over the paper.

I think she really liked being in charge of what we did. I could see the self confidence shining in her eyes and it made me so happy that something so little and easy to do could make Lil so happy.

By the time we got to the second paper she had started to experiment with color combinations and eventually with using other parts of the horses.

Also by the time we got to the second paper I pretty much backed off and let her do all of the painting, I just commented on her work and took pictures.

I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.

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