Lily’s little possessed zoo

The other morning Lily came rushing into the bedroom first thing and grabbed my hand. She dragged me into the bathroom telling me that she had “something interesting and strange” to show me.

In the bathroom we saw this:
Lil's possessed zoo

She turned to me and said “Look Mom, Last night someone rude like a monster or something put my zoo in the bathroom and made a big mess.”

After a few minutes of laughing my head off I explained that during the night I put her zoo on the counter because it was messed up and the elephant kept trumpeting over and over and scaring the daylight of out me. I mean I can only put up with a possessed zoo for some many days before I have to finally grab a screw driver at 1 in the morning and strip those darn batteries out.

I just love how Lil’s mind works. Not only was it a possible monster that moved her zoo, but a very rude one at that. I just love this kid.

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