Love is about the little things

All day today my back has been bothering me. Nothing major, but occasionally I’ll bend wrong and my back with yell a little. This evening we were sitting around and Lily was playing with the tablet and totally engrossed in it. I moaned pretty much under my breath “Oh my back hurts” and within a heartbeat Lily appeared in front of me with a couch pillow and said “here mama, this will help your back”.

This kid is the epitome of love being about the little things.

Park kiddo

I have heard on a number of occasions that she missed me sooooo much with a vice grip hug after being in the other room for a few moments.

Crushing egg shells

Lil is a kitty more often than not these days and if I’m not happy about something or I get hurt she will come and purr at me to make me feel better. This is one of my favorites.

This girl keeps me on my toes and knocks me off my feet daily. This is what life is meant to be.

Park kiddo

Happiness and love!

The pictures have nothing to do with the post at all. I just liked them and didn’t have any other use for them.

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