My favorite things about Lily at this moment

I just don’t ever want to forget some things so I’m sharing them here for everyone’s amusement.

I love how she will just burst into song. They are usually songs that she’s made up and more often than not she will sing what she’s doing. It’s just so cute and sweet. All the sudden I will hear what Lily Kitty and Me0wers are up to or that she’s grooming Bell her little stuffed puppy for the third time today. I just love it.

Lily can’t start the day out without snuggling with me. I can get up to go potty, but I have to hurry back and we “snuggle”. I’m putting that in quotes because usually there’s no actual snuggling happening, we just hang out in bed talking and tickling and if Lil’s really lucky Kitty will join us.

Lily is all about Minecraft. She refers to it as “her (and Daddy’s) favorite game” and won’t actually call it anything else. I have managed to make this a Lily and Daddy thing and I don’t know the first thing about the game and don’t have to play it, this really works for me. I like video games, I just got my druid to level 90 in WoW the other day for goodness sakes, but I have no interest in Minecraft.

There are hundreds of other things that I love about my girl, but these are the main things I’m going to mention today.

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