My sweet girl

Today we went to the local library’s music and movement program and had a little fun time together. After the music and movement we stay for story time. To go along with Lily’s new found chattiness (which has continued to hold up) she’s venturing out from me a little. She sat on the story time carpet with the other kids (this is a major first) and I got to sit fairly comfortably on the little chairs all by myself.  By the last book Lil was in a chair right next to me, but this was a huge first step and I’m very proud of my girl.

Anyway, the librarian read the kids a book and then they did a felt board activity together and I noticed that there was one felt piece left in the bucket. I got up and handed it to the librarian. She thanked me and as I sat down Lily looked up at me and said “That was very nice of you Mama, thank you”.  All of the women in the story room awed and oohed at her and I just glowed with pride at my sweet girl.

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