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I finally got fed up enough with my hair being boring and looking very much like a sister wife I made a hair appointment. I decided that I wanted to cut a lot of hair off and I wanted different bangs, other than that I left it up to the stylist. I didn’t look for hair inspiration on Pinterest or anything, I didn’t want to scare myself off.

I also needed to finally do something different with Lil’s hair. I have been the only one that has cut it ever and I don’t know what I’m doing so I’ve been letting the front of her hair grow out for about a year and all I can do with her hair right now is put clippies in it to keep it out of her eyes. It’s cute, but I don’t love it.

I made the mistake of mentioning the hair cutting adventure to my Father in Law last week and Lily broke the F down about this. There was tears and wailing and just overall super sadness about looking different. I tried to explain that I was also getting my hair cut and even though I’d look different I’d still be the same Mama and she’d still be the same Lily just with different hair. Hair that wasn’t always in her eyes, which I figured would be a big selling point, but I was very wrong. In the end I got her to calm down, but she still wasn’t convinced about this hair cutting business.

Waldo and I talked about it and he suggested I bribe Lil with treats. I’m not super big (in fact I’m pretty against) food as incentive, but I did like the idea of bribing her. So right before we left to go on our big adventure I told her if she was brave and good that I’d take her to Walgreen (the only place in our tiny town) and she could pick a toy. She still wasn’t convinced, but at least she wasn’t melting down on me.

Before we left the house I took some before pictures.



As we drove I reminded her about all the stuff we had talked about; being the same person, that hair cutting doesn’t hurt, that people like to look different sometimes and of course about the toy. When we got there I asked her if she wanted to get her hair cut first or last. She said first, then changed her mind, she wanted to go after me.

I told the stylist that she pretty much had free reign with my hair, I just wanted it to be a little past my shoulders and what I wanted different about my bangs.

This is what I got. I like it, but it’s going to take some time to get used to.

After. My new hair.

After I was done I asked Lily if she wanted to sit in the neat booster seat or on my lap, not surprisingly she picked on my lap.

Lily's first big girl haircut

Lily's first big girl haircut

Lily's first big girl haircut

After Lil’s hair was done, Oh and I only had her do the front, I want the back with it’s great curls to keep on keeping on. Anyway after Lil’s hair was cut Rachelle gave Lil princess curls. Lil thought this was awesome.

Lily's first big girl haircut

Lily's first big girl haircut

Oh and Lily picked a new baby. We’re calling her Sarah.

After. Our new haircuts

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