Random mobile shots 2

Sick girl
Of course I took pictures of my Sick Girl.

Sick girl trying to not be sick
My sweet Sick Girl trying to look happy.

using the nosefrida
In order to use the Nosefrida on Lily we had to use it on the baby too.

sick girl going on a walk
After Lily was starting to feel better she begged to go on a walk.

Elmo goes on the walk too
Elmo wanted to go on a walk too.

another use for the nosefrida
Lil had a different idea as to what the Nosefrida was for. I waked in the room and saw the tubing on the floor and her in the chair. She told me the baby was thirsty.

Lily and ReRe
I caught this while Lily was snuggling with her ReRe.

the dedicing face
This is Lil’s deciding face. She was trying to figure out what to draw next. She LOVES to draw.

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