Random mobile shots

This is not a bad way to shop.

Not a bad way to shop

~~I am going to try a new thing and add a few things that Lil has done lately to my random mobile posts. Like this week she has started telling me that I’m not her friend anymore if I tell her something she doesn’t like. Darn Clifford the Big Red Dog, she got this friend thing from an episode with T-bone and Cleo having a fight over a bone.

I grew some strawberries. YAY!

My homegrown strawberries

Lily eating the first strawberry from my garden

But most of my broccoli has gone to seed. 🙁

My poor broccoli went to seed

~~Lily will randomly come up to me and tell me in a voice just above a whisper ‘I love you so much Mama’ and then proceed to hug and kiss me till I’m almost blue in the face. It’s what having a kids all about, I’m pretty darn sure.

We went to the zoo (again!).

Zoo Boise 5/20/12

Lil was fine with getting her face painted, until it was actually painted. Then she kept telling us to take it off.

Zoo Boise 5/20/12

I was finally able to wash it off at lunch and she looked at herself in the restaurant mirror and said “I’m beautiful again”.

We were waiting for our breakfast and Lil snuggles into Waldo and said “Mama you say ‘how cute’ and then take our picture”. Of course I complied.


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