Random Mobile Shots

Lily’s playing with the Sandra Boynton book App Blue Hat, Green Hat. I suggest all of you buy this app, it rocks and it’s given me 3 or 4 different 30-45 minute stretches of mostly Mama time.


This is Lily’s newest puppy. His name is Goodbye Puppy. Waldo says he gave her dozens of suggestions for names and finally she said ‘her name is Goodbye Puppy, like Hello Kitty’.

Goodbye Puppy's first picture

Lily says this is a drawing of me. I think I was having a bad hair day or something.


Lil’s obsessed with bandaging us all up. She’s using blue painters tape. At first she only used little bits on her stuffed animals, her obsession has grown to the adults in our house and very long strips of ‘bandaids’.


I don’t know what’s going on with my face, but Lil decided I was very hurt all over.

I have no idea what's going on with my face

We found the world dirtiest ride on toy outside a Rite Aid. This ride was followed by handfuls of hand sanitizer. Yuck.



I like to have Lily decorate envelopes before I send greeting card out. This was a card for my friend Becky.

For Aunt Becky

I broke Lily’s art desk and set out on the great desk search from Craigslist. I found this one, new in the box, but about 10 years old. Whatever it’s new and Lil loves it.


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