Random Mobile Shots

I made leek and potato soup last week and froze the leftover for later use. We decided that later was this past Monday. To make the leftover special I made Parmesan fricos to go on them. They were super easy to make and very yummy.

Parmesian frico

While we were at Hobby Lobby last week Waldo bought a little balsa wood plane for him and Lil to play with. It was a big hit.

Lily and the balsa wood plane


Lily is very much in the stage of life where she is very opinionated about well everything but especially her clothing. So I have decided that as long as she’s weather appropriate it’s her choice.

Lily is dressing herself these days

Another Lily outfit

Another Lily outfit

This is one of Lily’s newest paintings. We have so many wonderful paintings on our walls. Who needs to buy artwork when you have a kid who loves to paint? Lil says it’s a man with really big pink feet balancing on sticks. I thought it was Lorax trees, but what do I know?

A man with really big pink feet balancing on sticks

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