Random Mobile Shots

This picture is from last month I think (I have been way behind on my flickr uploads). Lily is so into dressing up lately.

Little butterfly fairy

I made a pillowcase!

Pillow case I made

This pillowcase makes me smile when I see it sitting on my bed. It’s just so bright and beautiful.

Pillow case I made

Besides dressing up in her dress up clothes, Lily is also very into picking out her regular everyday clothes too. She has her own sense of style and I love it.


Sidewalk chalk artist

I made Lil some hair clippies. This is one of them.

I made the clippy

Lily’s sidewalk chalk piggies. We were all very impressed. Waldo thought I did them. I couldn’t do piggies that good no matter how hard I tried.

Little piggies

Lil wanted to try on my glasses the other day.

Trying on mama's glasses

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