Random Mobile Shots

More breakfast art. Lily loves this and it’s fun to do for her.

Minnie’s bow.
Breakfast art

This is suppose to be Minnie, but her bow kept melting into the cream of wheat.
Breakfast art

My lame attempt at a dinosaur paw.
Breakfast art

And while I’m posting about food; I saw this hummus at Costco and when I was reading the label I couldn’t help but laugh and buy it. It’s made with love, what’s not to like?
]Hummus. Made with love

Lily took this picture of some of the backyard flowers.
backyard flowers

Lily with my Mother’s Day card. She wrote Happy Mother’s Day at the bottom of Waldo’s message all by herself. Waldo had to tell her how to spell it and help with the S, otherwise it was all Lil.
My mother's day card

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