Random Mobile Shots

My garlic is doing great. It made Scrapes

When we got back from California I noticed almost all of my garlic had sprouted Scapes.

Garlic scrapes

I cut most of them off because I’ve read that you do that so all the plants energy goes to growing bigger bulbs.

Garlic scrapes

Now I’ve just got to figure out how to eat them.

Sticker facial hair.

Lily thought it sounded fun to put this sticker on her face.

Chef Lil

Chef Lil

Buddies having a picinc

Lily’s buddies are set up for a picnic or eating at a restaurant. I can’t remember which.

Olivia's preschool graduation

My sister Jolene and her daughter Olivia at Olivia’s preschool graduation.

Olivia's preschool graduation

My Dad and Olivia at her graduation.

Olivia's preschool graduation

The graduate herself.

Blast from the past.

This picture is of my Grandparents; my Dad’s parents, my newborn sisters and myself. My Grandpa; Papaw passed away when I was in 7th grade. Mamaw passed away two weeks ago and she’s the reason we were in California last week.

We miss you both.

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