Random Mobile Shots

This week has been fun hair week it seems. For a kid who usually won’t let me do anything with her hair but make it look nice down, this was a lot of fun.

4 piggie tails

4 piggie tails.

3 piggie tails

3 piggie tails

3 piggie tails.

The Doctor is in.

The Doctor is checking Kittie’s chart.

Bad Kitty!

NO! Bad Kitty!

Garden 7-2-13

The garden is going gang busters. These are the red potatoes I planted.

Garden 7-2-13

My Father-in-Law is trying something new with his cucumbers. Last year they took over the entire garden so we’re hoping the tomato cages help control them a little. In the background you can see my strawberries. They are growing really well, but didn’t put out much fruit.

Garden 7-2-13

The foreground picture is my FIL’s cantaloupe plant, the right is his tomatoes. Both are doing good, but not producing much fruit…yet.

Letter jumping

My cutie-girl playing. There will be a post on Monday to explain the letters on the ground.

Letter jumping

We went to dinner with a super cute witch.

We went out to dinner with a super cute witch.

Lily at the frozen yogurt place

Last weekend we went to one of those serve yourself yogurt places, Lily was in heaven.

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