Random Mobile Shots

Helping me fold towels

The other day I asked Lil to fold some wash clothes. When she was finished she asked for more laundry to fold. I gave her a bath towel. It wasn’t folded how I would have done it, but she tried her best and that’s all that really matters.

Deep in thought at the park

Deep thinking at the park.

Home grown garlic

I pulled up some of my garlic. They really look good. I’m so happy.

homemade deodorant

I made some deodorant last week. It was super simple and so far works great. I didn’t have any old deodorant tubes, but I did have one large lip balm type tube so I used that and put the rest in a shallow dish. I totally expected that it would release from the dish after it was set up, I was very wrong.

More fun hair

More fun hair

The fun hair continues. I really need to work on straight parts.

Lily in the window

Lily was hanging out in the window the other day.

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