Random Mobile Shots

Last weekend we washed the car and Lil decided to do a little dance before we started.

car wash dancing

car wash dancing

I harvested garlic this week. I think there are around 24. Vampires beware.

Harvested garlic

We had lunch outside one day when it wasn’t tooooo hot to deal.

Lunch outside

Apparently Lil spent a lot of time in her bathing suit this week.

Sprinkler play on Wednesday.


We went to the zoo on Sunday (still have to post pics from the last 3 trips I think) and Lil was so bummed because no butterflies landed on her. This has actually happened the last 2 times. So she was crazy pumped when this ladybug hung out with her while she was playing in the sprinkler.

Ladybug Love

Ladybug Love

Ladybug Love

Ladybug Love

More fun hair. I have wanted to braid her hair forever and was so happy that she finally let me and liked it.

Fun hair

We were headed out to get our hair trimmed on Tuesday, but Waldo was on a phone call so Lil didn’t get to kiss him goodbye. We took a picture for him.

Goodbye kisses for Daddy

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