Random Mobile Shots

Clifford reading before taking a nap. In his dog house

Clifford is about to take a nap in his dog house, but first he needs to read a little to relax.

Lily with the 'fancy' straws we used in our homemade lemonade

Lily has been asking about making homemade lemonade all summer, but every time I offer she isn’t in the mood. Finally the other day she was all about it. But she had to have fancy straws for her drinks. So we grabbed some yellow foam sheets and made a few things. The one on the left is a lemon with a happy face and the right is Clifford.

Brother in law's flowers

These are in my brother in law’s front yard. They are breathtaking and I was so happy to see them back this year.

Brother in law's flowers

The Princess taking a break during washing the car

We were washing the car the other day and the Princess had to take a break.

The King puppy on Kitty

King Puppy on Kitty.

Lily and Big Baby at the park

Lily and Big Baby at the park.

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