Random Mobile Shots

Party dinosaur mase Lil made

Last night we read a book where the little person made a monster mask. This morning Lil made a party dinosaur mask.

A small swarm on our front porch

Yesterday we had a very small swarm of bees on our front porch. One of the hazards of a bee keeper in the family.

Caged Lily

Caged Lily. This is a family tradition I started with my little sister.

Mama under stuff

I’m buried under a bunch of stuff.

Working Lily Kitty

Working Lily Kitty

Lily and working Lily Kitty

Lily with working Lily Kitty

Bath tub Lil

Bathtub Kitty


Garden bounty

Hiding melons

There are at least 8 melons hiding in there.

Gardner Girl

Gardner Girl

“Carrots come out of there”


After zoo ice cream

She's so proud of the flower stuck to her nose

She’s super proud that the flower sticks to her nose when she inhales it

Do you mind, I'm thinking

Do you mind, I’m trying to draw.

Lily drew this while we were at dinner one night.

This pole was what she was trying to draw. I’ll update this post with the finished work of art later.

Bunny Lily making a jelly fish

Bunny Lily making a paper bag jelly fish

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