Random Mobile Shots

I missed last week accidentally so this post is going to be for the last two weeks.

Lily drawing

Lily drawing

Lily drawing

We were at a store getting new beds and they had a little room with chalkboard walls for kiddos to play in. Lily had some fun.

Lily doing Kitty's hair.

Lily decided that Kitty needed to get her hair done.

Lily and her grandpa playing Kinect party

Dr. Lily and her grandpa (Papa) playing XBox party.

Lily wanted me to take this picture.

Lily set these guys up and asked me to take the picture.

My Mother in law made this doll for my niece

My Mother in Law made this princess doll for my niece. We’ve made some changes to the doll at this point, but she still looks mostly the same.

Yummy frozen yogurt

After the zoo last weekend we went to get frozen yogurt instead of zoo ice cream. It was a good decision.

Dancer girl

Lily was dancing the ‘neigh neigh horse dance’.

Lily made Clifford some wings

My little crafty princess made some wings for Clifford while Waldo and I were rearranging the family room.

Lily in her new bed

Lily in her new bed.

Mickey mouse and gang

Lily drew Mickey Mouse and the clubhouse gang from memory.

Lily drew this fire truck

Lily also drew this fire truck while we were rearranging.

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