Safety first

I guess we’ve done a good job of making Lily understand how important car seats and seat belts are.  Every time we leave the house we have to take at least two buddies with us and before a few weeks ago those buddies would crowd with Lily on her car seat.  All of the sudden Lil insists that the buddies have to be safe.  We have to long the buddies into seat belt.

They even have to be safe in the grocery store.
Abby and Ernie at the Co-Op

While I like that Lily wants her buddies to be safe, I feel bad that she is now bored in her seat.  She seems fine most of the time, but I try to remember to grab something for her to do in her seat.

By the way, the dinosaur wasn’t the weirdest thing we’ve had to buckle up, it’s just the weirdest thing I’ve snapped a picture of.

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