She’s getting closer

Lily took her first step yesterday very unintentionally. It was so exciting. Waldo had just got home and she wanted down so she could go see him. I put her down on her feet and rather then sit down and crawl like normal she lifted one leg and moved it forward and then kind of got this look like “what the heck just happened” and down she went as Waldo and I clapped and said yay.

We are in no big hurry for her to walk because hello she’s already mobile and fast enough. But that makes these wonderful milestones no less exciting. Speaking of milestones, this one is totally screwing up our sleep. For the last couple of nights she wakes up and starts trying to roll away or more often stand up. Between this and a slight stuffy nose and teething I am one tired Mama.

This picture has nothing to do with this post I just think it’s very cute.

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2 thoughts on “She’s getting closer

  1. Hoe exciting first steps must be!And wiggling bottom as she crawls. Also? This picture? She looks like she’s in the circus. I’m not sure why it makes me think that, but I love it!!

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