Sickly sickos

Our house is full of sick people right now. My Father-in-law was the first to fall to the Doom and we are pretty sure he’s had two different things already. For about two weeks he coughed and I think had a runny nose, then all the sudden his illness turned and became so much worse. About three or four days after FIL’s nasties turned even nastier Lily and I started showing symptoms. For the last week and a half Lily and I have had terrible coughs (that keep me up most of the nights), fevers, runny noses, chills (me), headache (me again) and overall feeling like crap. Luckily Waldo and his Mom stayed healthy and took care of us.

The past week Lily and I have spent most of the day snuggling on the couch watching the same episodes of Clifford over and over. I would toss a Sesame Street in every once in a while and usually she wouldn’t notice, thankfully.  I still had to work, but I couldn’t make my normal work phone calls because on Thursday and Friday I had pretty much no voice and even today when I talk I end up coughing in the middle of most of my sentences.

My FIL is just about 2 weeks from when the newest flu or whatever hit him and he’s getting close to being over it. I don’t have a fever anymore, but I’m still coughing like crazy and have a super sore throat. Lil still has a very low grade fever, runny nose and coughing. I think we are going for the time record here and I do not approve.

A few days ago both Waldo and his Mom started showing symptoms, luckily we know how bad it can get so they started taking things to shorten the illness’ life and what not. So far they both seem to be doing better the the rest of us did.

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