So much changes in such a short time

Here are some comparisons that I just can’t get over. My girl is getting so big.

Lily is 29 weeks old here
Lily and Kitty 29 weeks old

Here’s she’s 7 weeks old

Lily and Kitty 7 weeks old

We bought this swing for her before she was born, this is the first time I’ve put her in it in months because she hated it before. Now she will tolerate it for a little while. She’s 27 weeks 6 days old.
27 weeks 6 days old

1 week 6 days old
1 week 6 days old

Here she’s 3 weeks old. In this picture you can’t really tell but that outfit is way too big for her. Its a newborn size.
3 weeks old

Here she’s just under 19 weeks old

Kill me now, I don’t know if I can handle looking at these pictures in a year or two.

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3 thoughts on “So much changes in such a short time

  1. I know, it’s amazing how fast the grow! I remember when my guys couldn’t fit into newborn stuff. They wore their preemie outfits for a long time, actually. Now? They’re crusing through 6-12 month sizes and they’re not even six months yet!

  2. I love the pic of her at 3 weeks old… oh man, I know. They grow too fast! I’m already starting to think about having another baby, lol. Brb, MY baby is squishing banana up in her hands on purpose in the living room just to drive me crazy…

    Okay back – I can’t believe Lily didn’t like the swing! That was the only thing that saved us when Emma was a baby. She would cry unless she was moving in that swing. So funny how different babies are!

    • Lindsey I love the break in your comment. I hope Emma didn’t make too much of a mess.

      I can’t blame you for thinking about another one, Emma is a doll and at a pretty good age. I’m not ready yet but in a year or so I’m sure baby fever will set it.

      Yep she hated this swing so we bough a Boppy swing and she liked that one much better. At least she would sleep in it for a little while and I got a break to do dishes and laundry. 🙂

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